Episode 35

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How do you think about where you are headed as an artist? Do you have an idealised vision of your ultimate artist self, and how great it’ll be when you get there? Or do you have more of vague frustrated sense that you should be further along, without really knowing where ‘there’ is?

Bec and Michele take a deep dive, getting both philosophical and practical about how we reconcile our dreams for the future AND the way we want to feel in our day-to-day experience of being an artist. Turns out, it may be less about the destination, and more about: how we feel right now, how we relate to time, and how open we are to enjoying the ride. Also, a game of I Spy might be good for both long car trips and slow days in the art studio !


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Unearthing Art
Michele Luminato & Bec Leigh dig into making art that matters--the messy reality of being an artist, navigating the creative process and expressing our honest (sometimes weird) selves.

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Bec Leigh & Michele Luminato

Michele is an American-born abstract artist based in Australia. She guides other artists to create and sell unique art from the heart through her Origin Art program.
Bec is an Australian artist whose abstract work combines pigment and poetry.
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